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Locations: Jülich


Jülich is a small town with some 30,000 inhabitants located at 50°50'N, 006°21'E, within half an hour's drive east of Aachen. Jülich has a 2000 year (roman) history, it is built around a 16th century renaissance citadel. A park and a small zoological garden have found room in and around Napoleonic fortifications near the river Rur passing through the town.


juelichGermany's largest national research laboratory, Forschungszentrum Jülich, with over 4,000 people working in the oak forest just outside Jülich provides an academic atmosphere for the town.

Besides Jülich's own cultural activities the close neighborhood to the cultural centres of the region Aachen - Cologne - Düsseldorf offers a wide variety of public events. The cities Cologne (Köln) and Düsseldorf with their international airports are reachable within about one hour by public transportation, Paris is four hours away by fast train connections,
and Amsterdam three hours, offering also the fascinating waters of Ijsselmeer and Waddenzee for sailing enthusiasts.


More information is provided on the homepage of Jülich.

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Photos by Yosef Meller