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The Master's program Simulation Sciences consists of mandatory and elective
courses. In the mandatory courses students will obtain a basic knowledge classwhich will enable them to work on problems in the field of simulation sciences and their applications. These mandatory courses serve as so-called harmonization courses, in order to achieve a common advanced base for students with varying academic backgrounds.

The elective courses contain modules from mathematics, computer science, engineering, and the natural sciences and serve as specializing courses. By individually selecting elective courses the student determines the main focus of her / his curriculum; it may be methods-oriented, expert-oriented in a certain field, or interdisciplinary.

The study plan of each student will be set up individually together with a scientific and
an administrative mentor. The two mentors will advise and accompany the student
throughout her / his study. 
For all non-academic academic issues a service team will assist each student
with problems of all kinds, e.g. bureaucratic affairs and housing.