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Not a tuition fee, however a student body and social contribution fee has to be paid each semester.
There is no additional application fee. The German Research School for Simulation Sciences does not provide funding for Master's students. You may, however, try to obtain an independent scholarship yourself. You can find some useful information here.

Once you are enrolled as Master's student you have the possibility of looking for a job as student research assistant (HiWi) at one of the laboratories of the German Research School for Simulation Sciences or at any institute at RWTH Aachen University.
A typical HiWi job means working for 10 hours a week in one of these groups. It is remunerated with about 400 Euros.

The living costs in Aachen are roughly 700-900 Euro per month, please see also here.
You might find some more interesting information on the web pages of Studentenwerk Aachen.