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8th VI-HPS tuning workshop – Aachen, 5-9 September 2011

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Welcome to the 8th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop which is hosted by the German Research School for Simulation Sciences in Aachen. This workshop will

  • give an overview of the VI-HPS programming tools suite,
  • explain the functionality of individual tools, and how to use them effectively, and
  • offer hands-on experience and expert assistance using the tools.

The workshop will be held in English and run from 09:00 to not later than 18:00 each day, with breaks for lunch and refreshments. There is no fee for participation, however, participants are responsible for the own travel and accommodation.

Classroom capacity is limited, therefore priority will be given to applicants with parallel codes already running on the workshop computer systems, and those bringing codes from similar systems to work on. Participants are therefore encouraged to prepare their own MPI, OpenMP, and hybrid OpenMP/MPI parallel application codes for analysis.

More information you find on the following pages: