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Parallel Programming

JUQUEEN with 458,752 cores.

Affiliated with the Computer Science Department of RWTH Aachen University, our group develops methods, tools, and infrastructure to exploit massive parallelism on modern computer architectures.

Driven by the increasing demand for computing power and accelerated by current trends in microprocessor design, the number of processor cores on supercomputers is growing from generation to generation. For example, the IBM Blue Gene/Q system JUQUEEN at the nearby Jülich Supercomputing Centre already features almost 500,000 cores. The scalable solutions we develop help to utilize such expensive devices efficiently and thus to advance the potential of the applications running on them. However, we not only strive for maximum performance but also keep an eye on the productivity of software development itself. One of our key projects is Scalasca, a performance analysis tool for large-scale parallel applications, which we jointly develop with the Jülich Supercomputing Centre. In addition to supercomputers, we also consider more general multicore systems, for which we design tools for correctness analysis and parallelism discovery.

Finally, as a complement to our research activities, we teach the skills required to write correct and efficient parallel programs. Students will be introduced to this domain with the goal of subsequently applying their knowledge in a variety projects.


** Now at Technische Universität Darmstadt