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Multicore Programming Group


The Multicore Programming Group focuses on advanced methods and tools for software development on modern multicore systems. Its objective is to encourage software developers to exploit multicore programming for general-purpose applications. In particular, we develop methods and tools for automated testing, correctness analysis, and parallelism discovery. Furthermore, we explore new parallel programming models and perform empirical studies towards software engineering aspects and the challenges that multicore software developers are facing.


Scientific staff

Former group members

  • Michael Beaumont
  • Michael Buse
  • Joao C. Cassamano
  • Daniel Fried
  • Wolfram Michael Gottschlich
  • Nico Koprowski
  • Sergei Krestianskov
  • Boris Lyubenov
  • Tuan Dung Nguyen
  • Mohamed Shaaban
  • Bo Zhao


** Now at Technische Universität Darmstadt, see here